2022 was a launch year. Ripping Stitches was conceptualized in the early part of the year, the first collections were assembled in the summer of 2022, and the first markets were attended in the final months of the year. Items included days bags made of heavy upholstrey and burlap, embroidery hangings, floral hangings (which SOLD OUT!), original paintings by Jacey Fortin, and the beginnings of a clothing line. This was a huge achievement in my book – see gallery below for some of the highlights.

Additionally, 2022 was only a first draft. 2023 will bring some expansions including new collections, new makers, new fabrics, and more. I am especially looking forward to creating more clothing items with spring and summer in mind.

This will be a slow process at first. January will be spent filling existing custom orders, finishing up in-progress projects, and planning out 2023. New items will come online by the end of February; for now, what remains of the 2022 inventory is now available online for purchase – just head on over to the shop.

As I take stock towards restocking, I am also taking stock of the critical supports that made this all possible. There are many people to thank, here’s the short list:

  • Beth Hackett, Gemma Yamamoto, Maria McCllelan and Grant McClellan who initiated the addiction to sewing with gifts of machines, supplies, tools and fabric.
  • Ramona Ferreyra, who helped me find the agency to start selling my makes and Shelagh Murphy for helping me find my agency always, and helping me think through the custom order process with her purchase early on.
  • Jacey Fortin and Levi McClellan, who know my propensity to jump in head first, stepped in without request to help transport materials and set up shop at markets in October and December.
  • Kate Hackett who has always been encouraging and made a surprise appearance at my final market of 2022.
  • The organizers of Queens Collaborative, Astoria Market and S.Mall NYC, who hosted the markets attended.
  • The organizers of 31st Ave Open Street, where the three of the markets were held.
  • And many more who visited, positively remarked on pieces, and made purchases.


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