October Market Schedule

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Next Sunday I will be attending my first maker’s market! This one is hosted by Queens Collaborative from 1-7p on the 31st Open Street (31st Ave between 33rd Street and 35th Street). This is an exciting opportunity to share my wares with the Queens community, and meet other local makers!

This is the best way to sample my goods at this time; and the only way to make a purchase.

This website is still in production and making things available online for purchase is a priority that comes secondary to preparing for markets in October. By the end of the month I expect this website to be more functional in terms of making online purchases. For now, the best way to see the goods, is to head to my Instagram page, and the only way to make a purchase, is to come visit me on Oct 16th in person! (or Oct 23rd, more details forthcoming, but roughly the same time and same place!)

More soon, stay tuned, xx


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